Kobayashi Pipe Cleaning Tablets 12 pcs Peach



  • Net Weight: 12pcs
  • Flavor: Peach


  • Please cut along the dotted line on the back of the product. Tear the product protective paper in the direction, and squeeze out the product in the direction with your fingers.
  • Directly put 6 capsules into the drain outlet of the kitchen, bathroom, wash basin and the stagnant part of the toilet bowl.
  • When cleaning moving water, debris, and cutting board, soak 6 grains in 2L of water.
  • When cleaning the washing machine tank, insert the medicine into the machine with water, and soak 6 pills in 20L water
  • When it is difficult to enter the small pill from the drain port, please dissolve the pill with water and then pour it into the drain port. When the pipe is stuck and difficult to enter, the pill will dissolve and flow into the pipe by flushing with water.
  • *Use in any of the above cases, leave it for 30 minutes and then rinse thoroughly with water. At the same time, it is not easy to dissolve in winter, so it needs to be left for a longer period of time.*
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Product Description

It can effectively decompose food residues and slimy substances. It can effectively dredge and reduce the sticky and slippery substances that cause the blockage of the drainage pipe, and disinfect and deodorize. High-efficiency cleaning, reaching the bottom of the pipe or U-shaped pipe, fully dissolved in water bubbles, the effect is obvious. Convenient and fast. Put one pellet in the kitchen, washbasin, bathroom drain, and toilet bowl to decompose foreign matter and impurities, clean the sewer pipes to remove odors, sterilize and inhibit bacteria to protect family health.

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