Kobayashi 3 pcs Microwave Cleaning Cloth



  • Net Weight: 3 Pcs


  • Don’t put it on the grill for heating, so as not to burn
  • In order to prevent sparks during heating, do not heat on metal utensils
  • If the heating time is too long, scorching will occur, and the heating time should not exceed 3 minutes
  • The thin cloth is very hot after heating, be careful of burns
  • In addition to the above purposes, it cannot be used for other purposes
  • Do not place where children can reach
  • In case of splashing into eyes, do not rub and rinse with running water for more than 15 minutes
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Product Description

Only need to heat for 1 minute, the oil and stubborn dirt of the microwave oven will be wiped out!
After being heated in a microwave oven, the steam will be dispersed in the oven to float the dirt. A microwave oven with oven function, please use the heating function of the microwave oven to take out one slice and put it in the microwave oven to heat for about 1 minute. This product will expand and make the steam vent Do not take the thin cloth out of the bag for heating, because the moisture will evaporate and affect the effect of the product. Even if the product does not expand, it will not change its effect. Once the steam vent is opened, please do not reheat it to prevent the thin cloth from scorching. Do not reheat and open without swelling. Please wait for 1-2 minutes after heating, and take out the thin cloth when it is not hot. Pay attention to burns. Take out the thin cloth, you can wipe off the stains in the microwave oven. Clean, sometimes the hands will feel a little sticky, which is a normal phenomenon. The dirt formed by long-term barbecues will be difficult to remove.

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