Kao Clear Foam Spray Dish Wash 240ml Grapefruit



  • Net Weight: 240ml
  • Made in Japan


  • Open the white lid at the tip of the spray to the top until it sounds “click”.
  • To start using, pull out the lever several times until the end.
  • Do not rotate the tip of the spray.
  • To prevent clogging due to drying, close the lid until it sounds “click” after use.
  • Spray directly on dishes, cooking utensils, etc., rinse after placing for about 1 minute.
  • Wipe off the cutting board / wipe off the moisture of the cutting board once washed, spray it evenly on one side about 10 times and evenly leave it for 20 minutes and rinse with water.
  • Sterilization of sponges: Squeeze sponge well, spray about 10 times with the tip of the spray pressed, evenly penetrate and leave until the next use. (It does not mean to eradicate all bacteria)

*When the dirt is bad, please put it for a while after spraying, and lightly rub it with hands or sponge when rinsing.*

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Product Description

You can now clean hard to reach places with just a spray! No sponge required. Spray it & leave it for 1minute, then rinse. Done! It cleans only with bubble power. The foam spray will reach places where we couldn’t reach with the sponge, such as deep places, gaps & grooves. Foam penetrates into the dirt by its own cleaning technique, so there is no need to unnecessary scrubbing.

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